Roofing Services   

Wellington Lightweight Roofing offers both new and re-roofing services.  For product information, please refer to our Products page.

Re-Roofing Benefits

Your re-roof is an opportunity to reshape, add real character, or create a more contemporary feel for your home.

The power of a new roof can never be underestimated. A new roof can completely transform the look of your home. It can add value and street appeal. It can protect and secure and include a range of design features that will add real character to your home or will create a more contemporary feel.

Re-roofing is your only option when your roof is way beyond repair. But it's also an exciting opportunity to redefine your style and realise the look you've always wanted to achieve. Your new roof can be your sole focus. Free from all other distractions you have the time to consider the styles, colours, finishes, and trims that will truly complement the style of your house and reflect the best of the environment in which you live.

Four steps to re-roofing your home

There are four key ways we can go about re-roofing your home.

The first is overlay, where re-roofing a corrugated iron roof involves laying tiles over the existing roof. This certainly offers an economical solution without fuss, mess, or exposing your home to the elements.

The second is iron off and iron on in which we remove the old iron and replace it with new long run iron using the existing purlings. This offers an economical solution if your purlings are still sound.

The third is tile on tile which is where we can lay new tiles over existing tiles. This also offers an economical roofing solution without fuss, mess, or exposing your home to the elements.

And the fourth is a complete strip where, as the words suggest, we completely strip the old roof off your home and replace it with new Gerard tiles or long run iron.

Wellington Lightweight Roofing are happy to work with you in helping achieve the look and design of your new roof and answer any questions you might have.

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