Roofing Products  

You have many choices of roofing products with Wellington Lightweight Roofing. 

Products we deal with include:

Gerard Metal Tiles

We work with a wide range of Gerard Metal Tiles, as described below.  For more detailed product information refer to the Gerard Roofing website.


Gerard Colortile gives you the scalloped profile of the traditional tiled roof. This classic look is timeless. The smooth surfaces and clean uniform edges in Gerard Colortile offer a timeless blend of old-world charm and new-world innovation. Gerard Colortile is ideal for any style of home in absolutely any location.


Corona Shake:

The wood-like appeal of the Gerard Corona Shake roof tile makes it a natural choice to recreate the charm of turn of the century America. Gerard Corona Shake roof tiles replicate the natural beaty of the real-wood shakes that were typically made of cedar with rough-hewn top surface, ragged edges, and rugged butts. The Gerard Corona Shake has a clean, flat profile with a character grain running through it that will give your home an identity of its own. It is a ruggedly handsome, stylish roof line, that's happily at home in both town and country.


Throughout the Mediterranean the distinctive elegance of the Roman tile endures today. Gerard Milano Tile has been inspired by the traditional Roman craftsmanship and the beauty, strength, endurance evoked by the best of Italian architecture. Smooth clean, elegant lines, Gerard Milano Tile makes a strong style statement, especially on steeped pitched roofs, yet remains gentle and relaxed in outdoor courtyard settings.


If you're seeking the subtle shades of the traditional slate or shingle roof, then choose the Gerard Oberon Shingle. Gerard Oberon Shingle's unique profile changes mood with the angle of the sun. Its compact range of colours is available in a textured finish with a second complementary patch colour to accentuate the random and bold look of this roof.


The Rockport Shingle delivers an attractive three dimensional appearance that changes mood with varying light conditions. Subtle shading is created by overlapping complementary patch colours on the natural stone-chip base. The superior strength, cost-effective shingle roof will enhance any contemporary home.


Shingles add simple elegance to any roof and the subtle shingle profile will define any house style. Gerard Senator Shingle is available in a compact range of colours in a textured finish, including some with a second complementary colour.



Gerard Tuffcoat Tiles also gives you the appeal of the traditional tile roof. The smooth surfaces and clean uniform edges, offer the same timeless blend of the old-world charm and new-world innovation, but the Gerard Tuffcoat Tile is a stronger style statement . This profile is the answer if you are searching for a bolder, stronger-looking roof and will give any home the character to stand out from the crowd.


Coloursteel Roofing

COLORSTEEL® pre-painted steel roofing is suitable for almost every design, long straight lines or gentle curves, which can be used to create stunning homes. Steel's light weight gives greater design flexibility, while the colours give the designer the choice of blending or creating interest through building design.